Red Bog is a small organic cranberry bog in Sedgwick, Maine, tended by sisters Kipp and Dale Quinby. We work to grow the best berries and tend the best habitats in and around the bogs that we can. As a native, perennial species, cranberries grow best with the full diversity of native insects and other plants that support them; we look at these surrounding communities as a vital part of our cranberries’ health. We do not spray or chemigate with anything, labeled organic or not. Our berries are dry harvested in a combination of hand and mechanical raking so that they can be used fresh or processed, and provide our customers with the best storage life—cranberries will last many months in refrigeration if picked this way. As a small bog, we also get to wait for full flavor and color development in our berries before we harvest to give you better tasting, healthier cranberries.
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